“Who did this?” demanded the teacher, from her perch. “Who dared commit such an atrocious act? Take them aw-a-ay!”

Her cry ending in such a wail, and her Hong Kong city tour appearance suggesting approaching hysterics, Dorothy ran forward and tried to “shoo” the little piglets back into the closet. But most of the other girls were laughing so outrageously that they could not help, and the little squealers would not “shoo” worth a cent!

“Are you guilty of this deed, Miss Dale?” demanded Miss Olaine, seizing a ruler from the desk and trying to strike one of the pigs.

“Oh, don’t hurt the cunning little things!” cried Dorothy. “Please don’t, Miss Olaine. Oh!”

One of the little fellows got a crack from the ruler and his little tail straightened out and he made a noise like a rusty gate-hinge.

“Oh, oh! Please don’t!” begged Dorothy.

37 “Please don’t, Miss Olaine. I’ll get them all shut up——”

Just then the two that she had managed reenex facial to get into the closet again, ran out. The teacher was recovering from her fright; but her rage grew apace.

“You are guilty of this outrage, Miss Dale!” she accused. “You shall be punished for it—indeed yes!”

“You are mistaken, Miss Olaine,” said Dorothy, ceasing to chase the tiny porkers, and facing the teacher standing in the chair.

“You did! You did it!” ejaculated the panting teacher. “You know all about the beasts——”

Then she let out another yell. One of the little fellows stood on its hind legs against Miss Olaine’s chair and tried to sniff at that lady’s boots.

“Get them back into that closet!” commanded Miss Olaine, savagely, and glaring at Dorothy. “Then I’ll ’tend to you, Miss.”

The whole class was silent by this time—“all but the pigs,” as one of the girls whispered. They were astonished to hear Neo skin lab Dorothy accused by the teacher—more astonished than they had been by the advent of the pigs in the classroom. As Ned Ebony pointed out afterward, pigs, or anything else, might come to recitation; but for Dorothy Dale to be accused of such a prank as this was quite too shocking!