1. Salt Overload and Water Retention

Eating salty foods causes your body to 1) dr bk laser crave liquids and 2) retain water. This water retention can add up to numerous pounds over the course of a couple of days.


2. You Haven’t Pooped

In all seriousness, if you are constipated or haven’t pooped in a day or more, the weight adds up. Although this may vary by person, you dr bk laser should aim to go at least one time a day, although it is ideal to go once per meal (three times a day). Eat lots of fiber to keep things moving.

3. PMS/Menstrual Cycle

For all of those women out there, PMS can cause your body to retain sodium and water (Kathy Egan, R.D.). To avoid this, eat potassium-rich vegetables and fruit(E.g., asparagus, bananas, strawberries and melon). Potassium can help balance sodium levels in your bloodstream and allows your system to flush out excess fluid, reducing bloat.


4. Delayed Reaction

Weight gain is not attributed to the weight of your food, it is attributed to the calories you consume. So, if a couple of days ago you dr bk laser had a bit extra, you might see a slight delay on the scale. The calories have to be digested and absorbed to actually gain the weight. Depending on the type of food you ate, it could take more or less time to finally show up on the scale.