What are you looking for from a relationship? Someone to take care of you? Just a good time? Are you willing to give from yourself, or is it all going to be coming from the other person? The answers to these and other questions hair weave will determine if you are successful finding a good relationship. Some people say each person needs to give 50% in a relationship for it to be successful.That is not true. Each person must give 100% for it to work.


What are you bringing to the relationship? Baggage from the past? Unforgiveness? If this is true, then you are making it harder to have a great relationship. All these things happen in people's lives, sometimes with a lot of hurt. But you don't have to keep carrying around the trash from each old relationship to the next one, if you let God help you.


If you were moving from one house to lan solution another, you normally wouldn't take the trash from your old home to the next one. Then why would you want to bring the trash from old relationships to your new one, and possibly make it fail because you didn't resolve the hurts and other things you experienced?


God loves you, and wants you to have good relationships. But unforgiveness and bitterness and other obstacles won't help you in the academic ranking next relationship. It will build a wall between the two of you that may be insurmountable, and consequently provide failure to your hopes and dreams for a better life.